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Activities for Kids


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Outdoor Activities


Learn2 Adjust a Bicycle to Fit You    
Ride Safe Home Page     Advice and tips on bicycle safely.
Science of Cycling     Exhibit from the Exploratorium
The Unicycle Page     Information on how to ride a Unicycle.
U.S. Coast Guard     Boating information
United States Coast Guard     Boat Safety coloring book
Go Camping     RV Parks, Campgrounds & Resorts
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages (GORP)     U.S. National Forest Campground Guide
    Outdoor Games    
Camping Games     Over 250 outdoor games
Games Kids Play     List of outdoor games
The Idea Box     List of party games
American Park Network     America's leading publisher of award-winning visitor guide magazines for national parks
Mammoth Cave National Park    
Park Search: The Outdoors at Your fingertips     Sponsored by L.L. Bean
The National Park Service     Park Net provides information on National Parks.
USDA Forest Service     Information on resources and recreational opportunities for each National Forest and Grassland.
Freddo's Frog Pond     Swimming and pool safety tips. Online activities for kids.
KidPool     SwimKids forum.
Safety tips from the Detroit News     10 Swimming Rules Help Assure That Pool Remains Safe for Kids.


Activities for Kids
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