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Alice (Housenga) Roberts

The role of Canadian women in the war effort should not be overlooked. A vast number were essential to the effective running of airplane and munitions production in Canada. Many were also involved in the BCATP.

Alice in 1942

Alice served on active service with the Royal Canadian Air Force from 20th January 1942 and was discharged and transferred  to Class "E" of the reserve "Honorably released" on the fifth of December 1945.

Alice was born and raised in Iron Springs. After spending 4 weeks in basic training she was then posted to Guelph Ontario where she was taught the fine art of cooking for 900 men. After completing her stint there she was posted to #1 Bombing and Gunnery School in Jarvis Ontario where she would spend the next 33 months. Alice spent the last year of the war in Clinton, Ontario until her release in December of 1945.


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#1 Bombing and Gunnery School in Jarvis Ontario

Parade Square

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Mess Staff Jarvis

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Life at Jarvis

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Winter at Jarvis

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