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    Cartoons & Comics    
Archie Comics     View current comics.
Calvin and Hobbes     View comics and send a postcard
DC Comics     Some of your favorite superheros. Download pictures to color
Doodles     Cartoon information and animated postcards
Garfield Online     Garfield screen saver, jokes and recipes.
History of Comics    
Kids' Warner Brothers     Movie info and games
Marvel Universe Online     X-Men favorites.
MGM Cartoons Site     Classic MGM cartoons.
Peanuts     Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Friends. Use Shockwave for online coloring, or print pages to color. Games, postcards and coloring.
Ripleys Believe it or Not!    
The Comic Strip     Your favorite comic strips from the newspaper.
The International Museum of Cartoon Art    
Action Figure Times     Worlds Best Action Figure and Toy Newspaper.
Barbie     Collectiables Directory
Beckett Online    
PEZ Candy     Information for collectors about different PEZ dispensers.
PokeLand     The unofficial site. Info on playing the game - coloring pages and deck info
Pokemon World     The official site
Sports Collectibles     Links to every sports collectible site on the internet.
Star Wars Toy Resource Page     Information on collecting
Topps Collectibles     Comic & magazines, trading cards, candy & bubble gum
Toy Manufacturers of America     Interesting information for Parents and Toy Collectors
National Postal Museum     Smithsonian Institute
Stamp Collecting     Links to hundreds of stamp links.
U.S. Postal Service     Stamp Information
stuffed animals
Puffkins Collectibles    
Ty - The official site     Current and retired Beanie Babies
    Game Instructions    
The House of Cards     Rules, Information and links to online card games.
Welcome to the Card Games Web Site     Listing of hundreds of games and directions on how to play them.
Play Chess     An online chess game that you can play against the computer.
Frisbee     Tips, terms and animation clips.
The Story of the Frisbee     Information and the history of the frisbee from the Ultimate Players Association.
Rules of Horseshoes     Layouts, rules and scoring information can be found here.
Club Humongous     From the makers of the computer games, Freddi Fish, Putt Putt, and PJ Sam. Software game help (cheats), coloring, online games.
Banjo Kazooie    
Cheat Code Central     Find game codes for Nintendo 64, Playstation and PC games.
Game Power     Cheats and Hints for your favorite games
Game Sages     The cure for the common code. N64 cheats & info
Game Shark    
Games Domain    
Happy Puppy     Action packed games and demos
Hasbro Interactive     Glover, Centipede, Frogger, H.E.D.Z., Monopoly and more
IGN     Gaming site
N64 GAMER     Nintendo 64 information, tournaments and contests.
Official Nintendo Site     You'll find codes, reviews, previews and strategies for the Nintendo games. It includes Game Boy, Supernintendo, and Nintendo 64.
Playstation     Official company site with store and reviews of games and previews of new hardware and games.
Secrets of the Sega Sages     Tips and secrets on many many games (not just Sega games!)
Sega     Enjoy game demos, contests, information and tips on games.
Video Games     Video game hints from The Mining Company
Video Games     From ZD Net, reviews, codes, screens and links
Video Games Spot     Reviews and hints
Virtual GameBoy     Information on GameGenie, GameBoy, GameBoy emulator, and technical information.
Zelda     Information, tips, games and background information.
yo yo
Bandai     Home of the Hyper Yo Yo. Nice site!
Cosmic Yo Yos     Descriptions on how to do over 150 yo yo tricks
Ken's World on a String     Watch yo-yo videos, get tips, and learn tricks
Spintastics Skill Toys     Home of the Technic, Tornado and Torch
Yomega     Trick of the month, or check out prior tricks in the library.
Yotopia     A Whole Island of Yo-yo tricks
Yo-yo's     Information on how to set up your yo yo from the Yo Yo Guy. Trick information also.
Cool Lego site of the week     Visit cool lego sites that were voted on by kids like you.
Juggling Information Service    
Lego     The official Lego site
National Model Railroader Association    
paper crafts
Build the Best Paper Airplane in the World     Scroll down the page for illustrated assembly and flying instructions.
Gander Academy     Paper Airplane Page. Great site with lots of links for making paper airplanes.
Paper Airplane Hangar    
The Great Paper Airplane Challenge     Lots of links on making paper airplanes, and info about them
World Record Paper Airplane     Download the instructions for creating Ken Blackburn's 1994 Guiness world record paper airplane.


Activities for Kids
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