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Activities for Kids


Africam     Images of animals on the Djuma Game Reserve.
Albany Museum    
The African Cookbook    
The Living Africa     The people, the land, wildlife and national parks.
South Pole Adventure Web Page     This page offers daily weather reports about and pictures of the south pole and educational activities about antarctica.
Virtual Antarctica     From TerraQuest
Wild Arctic     From Sea World - information and activities
Ask Asia    
all countries
Cyber Schoolbus     Multicultural information presented by the United Nations. School and classroom internet projects on health, human rights and cities are available.
ePlay Learning Center     Games and information for: Greece, United States, Peru, England, Egypt
International Constitutional Law    
Library of Congress     Country Studies
Lonely Planet     Choose a region, then choose a country for maps and a slide show.
Map Machine Atlas     Maps for every Country, and State with flag and area information. From National Geographis
Middle East Internet Directory - Arab Net     Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Uae, Yemen
Middle East Internet Pages     Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates
Middle Eastern Studies - from the University of Texas     Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen
National Geographic Map Machine     Country maps, facts, flags, and profiles
Peace Corps     World Wise Schools helping students to gain a greater understanding of different cultures and regions of the world.
The World Fact Book     Information and Facts for all countries.
United Nations    
Web66: International School Web Site Registry     Visit the web pages of schools in other countries.
Whootie Owl's Stories to Grow By     Stories to Grow By is a great collection of stories for children, arranged by themes and countries.
World Surfari     Virtual tour of a different country each month. Information on people, society, history and more.
World Time     World atlas with local information on over 550 cities
The Internet Public Library - Australia     G'Day from Down Under! Museums Recipes
The Library - Australian National University    
Embassy of Belgium     Interesting facts about this country.
Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina     Learn about the efforts to revitalize this war torn country.
Brazil's National Museum of History    
Government of Brazil     Goverment , Museums and statistics about the country.
Photos from Ceará     Photos of landmarks in Barzil
The Internet Public Library - Brazil     Salve from Brazil! Museums Games Recipes
Royal Embassy of Cambodia     This country, once torn apart by war, now pursues a foreign policy of peace and friendship.
Chinese Astrology    
Chinese New Year     Activities, postcards, horoscopes and much more
Dim Sum: Chinese-American Culture     Lesson Plans relating to Chinese Culture
Embassy of China    
The China Experience - Exploring Chinese Culture    
The Great Wall - A Virtual Tour    
Congo     General facts about the country's geography, people, government, economy, and more, including a small collection of maps.
Embassy of Denmark     Online information service from the Royal Danish Embassy in Washington, D.C.
Ancient Egypt     Egyptian mathematics, Hieroglyphic Writing
Coloring Pictures of Ancient Egypt     Pictures to print out and color
Egypt Fun Guide     From Sea World - pictures, printable activitities, and information
Egypt's Culture Net - listing of museums in Egypt    
Pyramids - The Inside Story     Nova Online
The Internet Public Library - Egypt     Ahlan from Egypt! Crafts Folktales Museums Games Recipes
University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology     At Color Tour of Egypt, you can Take a tour of over a dozen different ancient Egyptian sites along the Nile River.
Your name In Hieroglyphics     From Beakman & Jax
Embassy of Finland     Take a tour, find facts or catch up on the daily news.
Eiffel Tower    
French Embassy     The largest French diplomatic mission in the world.
Metro France     Click Le Temps to find out the weather in France.
Paris     Panoramic Pictures of Paris - virtual reality movies of famous museums, buildings, and locations in Paris.
Embassy of Greece     A current look at this country rich in history.
The Historical Museum of Crete    
The Internet Public Library - Greece     Greetings from Greece! Holidays Folktales Museums Games Recipes
Embassy of Israel     Official mission located in Washington, D.C. - Teacher lesson plans
Israel Museum, Jerusalem    
Israel National Science Museum    
Isreal Ministry of Foreign Affairs    
The Internet Public Library - Israel     Shalom from Israel! Holidays Folktales Museums Recipes
The New Israeli Opera    
Virtual Holy Land     History of Christianity
Virtual Jerusalem     The Jewish world from the Heart of Israel
Embassy of Italy    
Kids Web - Japan     Great site for kids to learn about Japan
Kushigata Shunsen Museum of Art    
Mt. Fuji Live    
The Internet Public Library - Japan     Konnichiwa from Japan! Holidays Crafts Folktales Museums Games Recipes
The Japan Ukiyo-e Museum    
African Safari     Accompany the director of the Birmingham Zoo on a safari to Kenya. This site contains a diary of the trip and big, bold pictures of animals that the director saw. There are also facts about each of the animals.
The Internet Public Library - Kenya     Jambo from Kenya! Holidays National Parks Games Recipes
New Zealand
New Zealand Embassy     Information on the history, people, geography and government.
The Internet Public Library - Russia     Privet from Russia! Holidays Folktales Museums Games Recipes
National Heritage Board - Museums of Singapore    
The Internet Public Library - Singapore     Selamat Datang from Singapore! Holidays Folktales Museums Games Recipes
South Africa
South African National Gallery    
The Internet Public Library - South Africa     Hello from South Africa! Holidays Museums Games Recipes
South America
Nova Online/ Warriers of the Amazon    
Rainforest Action Network     Great site for kids to learn about the rainforest
South America Explorers Club     Web site links for the countries in South America. Volcano information, maps, language and more.
Embassy of Uruguay     Explore the cultural, economic and political aspects of this South American country.
Embassy of Venezuela     The publications section has special links for kids.
    US Embassies    
Collapse - Why do civilizations fall     The Maya, Mesopotamia and others from The Annenberg/CPB Projects
Exploring Ancient World Cultures.    
Middle Ages     What was it really like to live in the Middle Ages?
Odyssey Online     Welcome to Odyssey Online, a journey to explore ancient Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures. Africa is coming in March 1999.
Renaissance     What inspired this age of balance and order? From The Annenberg/CPB Projects
Secrets of Lost Empires     Nova Online
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World     This is an intriguing site, with images and information on all the wonders.
The History Place     U.S. and World history
World History     PBS
Castles of the World     A great castle page by Jaime J. Fernandez
Castles on the Web     Electronic post cards - Great site!
Ian's Land of Castles    
Alexander Palace     The palace that was home to Russia's last tsar, Nicholas II. Site includes a photo album and biographies of the Romanov family.
Julius Caesar     A Biography
The Patron Saints Index     The names and historical background on more than 600 saints
Tomb of Tutankhamen     National Geographic
    World Flags    
Flags of all Countries    
Flags of the World     Select a country to find not only its flag, but flag history, and previous flags.


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