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A change of Seasons

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Lethbridge Oldman River Valley

Lethbridge Oldman River Valley

Students from around the world are invited to participate in an exchange of seasonally related changes that naturally occur in their region of the world.
The primary focus of the project will be the comparison and the differentiation of the changes that occur during a specified time period, in particular, from October to January. Students will be provided the opportunity to record data using print or photographs. Data will be posted on the web site. Students will be able to access the data for reference and comparison.

Focus is to demonstrate how some parts of the world have summer and others have autumn - winter.

New pictures added to the gallery Dec. 10 2000

Project participants and any visitors to the site are invited to submit their photos  on the Change of seasons to Grade 3D Please include a brief description of the photo including the location and season. All photos will be posted to this site as soon as possible.
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